Utilizing ActiveRecord Enums In The View

Rails 4.1 added support for Enums to be used in models. You can check out the release notes here. Generally, these are supposed to be »

My PGP/GPG and OTR Keys

OTR (XMPP/Jabber) Keys: A4D3588D 71D2D129 836FB824 9F53FB11 7F44E980 21F16242 8325B65D AFC8A5C4 B23F77A5 7A55509A Used OTR Addresses: lightstalker@rows.io lightstalker@riseup.net PGP/GPG Keys »

It's Time To Ditch Facebook Chat

tl;dr I want to ditch Facebook Chat, and I want you to join me. Scroll to the bottom for my proposal. Unfortunately, I've been stuck »

Coding For Users: First Feelings From Coding A Product For Others

I spend a lot of time writing code. It's what I get paid to do, and it's one of my favourite pasttimes. At work, most of »

Developers: Put Your Code Online

Despite having only been in the software development industry for a few short years, I've been lucky enough to participate in several interviews. In fact, I've »

Installing RMagick Gem On Windows With RubyInstaller

At work, I'm trying to get a copy of Redmine running on a Windows box (unfortunately I don't have a *nix box to use). I found »