My PGP/GPG and OTR Keys

OTR (XMPP/Jabber) Keys: A4D3588D 71D2D129 836FB824 9F53FB11 7F44E980 21F16242 8325B65D AFC8A5C4 B23F77A5 7A55509A Used OTR Addresses: PGP/GPG Keys »

It's Time To Ditch Facebook Chat

tl;dr I want to ditch Facebook Chat, and I want you to join me. Scroll to the bottom for my proposal. Unfortunately, I've been stuck »

Coding For Users: First Feelings From Coding A Product For Others

I spend a lot of time writing code. It's what I get paid to do, and it's one of my favourite pasttimes. At work, most of »

Developers: Put Your Code Online

Despite having only been in the software development industry for a few short years, I've been lucky enough to participate in several interviews. In fact, I've »

Installing RMagick Gem On Windows With RubyInstaller

At work, I'm trying to get a copy of Redmine running on a Windows box (unfortunately I don't have a *nix box to use). I found »

Here's How You Should Handle Data Breaches

Only a few hours ago, Buffer, the web app for posting to social networking sites on a schedule, was hacked. A bunch of accounts hooked up »