I'm a Software Developer, with a decade of professional experience and an additional 15+ years of recreational experience in software development. I have architected complex microservice architectures and advocate for clean, standards-based development methodologies. I work with Java and the Spring Framework, Golang, Angular, and Ruby on Rails.

When I'm not at my day job, I like working on my side projects, reading, and learning about anything and everything. My current fix is on finance, investing, and productivity.

I'm not looking for career opportunities at this time.


  • My blog, published here. You can expect a couple minutes of reading on my past week, some notable additions to my wiki, and a small selection of curated links covering productivity, finances, technology, music, and other similar topics.
  • Timekeeper: a bridge between Tasker and Toggl Track
  • My side project, CallToAr.ms, a site for friends and communities to coordinate when to play online games with each other.
  • I created an Extra Life Donation Feed to be used as a custom browser dock for OBS Studio and other streaming software. Extra Life doesn't have an offering for this, and one of my friends had a use for it.