I'm a Software Developer and Development Manager, with a decade of professional experience and an additional 15+ years of recreational experience in software development. I have architected complex microservice architectures and advocate for clean, standards-based development methodologies. I work with Java and the Spring Framework, Angular, and Ruby on Rails.

When I'm not at my day job, I like working on my side projects, reading, and learning about anything and everything. My current fix is on finance, investing, and productivity.


  • My newsletter, Weekly Wonders for curated, weekly(-ish) content covering productivity, finances, technology, software development, and other similar topics.
  • My side project, CallToAr.ms, a site for friends and communities to coordinate when to play online games with each other.
  • I created an Extra Life Donation Feed to be used as a custom browser dock for OBS Studio and other streaming software. Extra Life doesn't have an offering for this, and one of my friends had a use for it.