I love well-designed storage.

Casey Neistat's infamous wall of red boxes is such a good example of this. The closer in proximity two things are, the more related they are.

Staple gun close by wood glue? Sure: they're both for keeping things in place. USB cables? Look further away.

This is a great example of a bespoke storage solution for physical goods when the goal is to be able to access one of a thousand different things efficiently.

I wonder what this would look like for digital goods.

Without deliberate linking, a wiki or other storage doesn't really work here. A computer doesn't understand the similarity between one blog post and another. A wiki article about meditation and Stoicism might not have any common keywords between the two, but they are certainly related.

But a digital interlinking could allow for a graph-based association with an exponential number of weighted edges, each tying the vertices together with a "similarity score".

What would that even look like?