Photo by Online Marketing / Unsplash

Your doctor likely recommends getting a checkup once a year, even if nothing seems wrong. They're not recommending this for their own benefit, but instead to make sure you're not missing anything, and if something is going off the rails, corrections can be made before the problem gets much worse.

Our physical health is one area where this might get applied, but we can extend this further. What about other areas of your physical health, such as your eyesight or hearing? Have you gotten a mental health checkup recently? These past two years haven't exactly been easy. How about your car? Maybe that checkup is something more digital. Have you cleaned up your contact list recently? How's that email inbox looking? To-Do list getting a little long? Running a lot of out-of-date services that require some upgrades?

A year is a nice round number, but sometimes that's not enough. Checking in on your mental health probably warrants a smaller check-in on a much more frequent cadence. Even taking five minutes every weekend to ask yourself, "hey, how am I feeling right now?" is a great way to practice some self-awareness (which most of us lack).

We all juggle a lot in our lives. Schedule those check-ins, and commit to them. They don't have to be significant, but they should occur.