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Trying something new is hard. You can feel vulnerable, and nobody likes feeling like an idiot. Those feelings are natural. What's also natural is that you'll inevitably make mistakes. You'll screw up.

You might look at this as failing. It's hard not to think that. "I tried this, but I failed."

You haven't failed. Not until you've given up. Making mistakes is how we learn and grow. When you were a child, what happened when you first started learning to walk? You fell down. A lot. What did you do every time you fell down? You got right back up and tried again, armed with a tidbit of extra knowledge about what worked and what didn't.

Short of the few extra years you've inevitably packed on since then and the added potential energy when you hit the floor, nothing has changed since then. You can still learn something when you make a mistake. And learning is what matters.

Don't give up. You got this.

The Fall

You haven't failed. Not until you've given up.