In the latest version of the popular Windows BitTorrent client uTorrent, someone discovered something fishy after the installation. All of a sudden, their browser homepage had changed, to Yahoo! no less.

Turns out that uTorrent is sneakily putting a 3rd party application install as part of their installation process, called SearchProtect. They've put the "Accept this offer" button right where the "Next" button is in the install process, punishing those who rapid-fire-click through the install.

You can read the whole forum thread here:

It's disappointing that uTorrent has sunk to this. Personally, uTorrent was a staple of any Windows box I set up before I switched to a seedbox.

So what now?

My suggestion: go for Transmission. I run it on my seedbox, and there's a SourceForge project that provides a Windows client.

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