Exercising Your Brain

Exercising Your Brain
Photo by Serg Antonov / Unsplash

Your brain is a muscle.

Not literally, of course; it's simply an organ in your body with no muscle tissue whatsoever.

Despite that, the brain does a lot of heavy lifting in our lives. From holding a conversation to taking care of the subconscious necessities of life like breathing, without our brains we are lost.

We already know physical activity is good for our physical (and mental) well-being. We exercise, we get stronger and healthier, and we live a better life. So it's only fair that we do the same with our brains.

I saw this tweet from Alice Lemée yesterday:

It was a good reminder that the whole point of this 30 day challenge that I'm on is to get better at writing, at putting content out into the world. I write plenty of documentation and technical articles at work, but writing more creatively is an entirely different undertaking. It feels almost like trying to remember the French I learned while in school – ironically, probably also when I last did any form of creative writing.