Weekly Wonders

Weekly Wonders
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Weekly Wonders is my newsletter – a weekly(ish) curation of interesting notes on programming, productivity, and knowledge. If you like what you've seen in my other posts here, you'll love this.

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The Fall
You haven’t failed. Not until you’ve given up.
The Juice-to-Squeeze Ratio
My go-to line at work is, “what’s the juice-to-squeeze on this?”. Juice-to-Squeeze is shorthand for “how much value will we get out of the effort required to deliver what you’re asking for?”. It’s used to ensure that we remain focused on what can provide us the most value, or at
Your doctor likely recommends getting a checkup once a year, even if nothing seems wrong. They’re not recommending this for their own benefit, but instead to make sure you’re not missing anything, and if something is going off the rails, corrections can be made before the problem gets much worse.