You've got what it takes to create

"You're ready. Start making stuff." – Austin Kleon

You've got what it takes to create
Photo by Alice Dietrich / Unsplash
"You're ready. Start making stuff." – Austin Kleon

We often get inside our heads with negative self-talk when we're thinking about trying something new, especially something creative.

I'm gonna suck at it.

What if it's bad?

What if nobody likes what I create?

Being creative means being vulnerable. It means putting something that you made on display, to be consumed by others. Or possibly, to be consumed by nobody (whichever is worse is up to you to decide).

I have some news for you: you will suck at it, it will probably be bad, and some people will not like what you create.

And yet, you should do it anyway.

Because every time you create, you will suck a little less at it. And what you create will be a little better.

Because creation is the ultimate form of expression, how you synthesize your thoughts and ideas into something tangible.

And as for whether anybody else likes it: if you're creating for yourself, then what other people think is irrelevant.

"Even if you haven't made anything, it's only comparable to what you made before which is nothing, therefore you have literally nothing to lose by starting. You can not fail just by making your first one." – Markiplier

Get out there and make something.